Do You Qualify For EU Residency?

Soon after the announcement that Britain have chosen to leave the European Union, native and non-native citizens living on the both sides of borders in the UK and other European countries are surprised and worried about their uncertain future. Things were totally different before this eventful referendum. Individual possessing EU citizenship are freely allowed to work and travel across the bloc. Besides this, they also have the privilege to work and set up their businesses anywhere in the continent with complete access to public services of health and education like a native civilian. As the UK has decided to leave the union, British citizens who have settled down in other states are expected to lose these benefits. Around 1.3 million UK citizens are living in other states at the time of Brexit. Among these states, Spain is known to possess the largest number (319,000) of Brit citizens, followed by Ireland (249,000) and France (171, 000).

How It Affect EU And UK Nationals?
After effects of this decision to leave the European Union, totally depends on the measures UK implement on EU nationals living and working there. If measures specifically target these workers, UK nationals accommodating in another state will be facing retaliation. In short, Brexit will make Brits not more than an illegal immigrant.
Perhaps you are facing the same situation and anxious to maintain EU Residency in order to remain privileged with the same benefits, or you simply want European passport here are few steps you should follow to see your eligibility.
Descent/Ancestry Rights
The best way to regain your legal rights to live in the states of this group is to check your familial roots with EU states. Geographical and cultural closeness make Ireland a good choice for most of the Brits looking to find an ancestral connection with the land. Conditions and rules are same like descent citizenship programs offered by other countries. If you are lucky to born there or any of your parents or grandparents were born there, then you are eligible to gain EU residency with this right. Moreover, if your parents used to live there as a legal resident, you can still eligible to apply. Even if anyone of them can become native naturalization you can submit an application after completing necessary paperwork at Foreign Births Register.
 Economic Citizenship/ Golden Visa
If you don’t have potential ancestral links with the territory, you can prove your eligibility after showing the right bank balance. The economic citizenship allows everyone to obtain citizenship after investing a specific amount of money in real estate and infrastructure project. For instance, you don’t possess the right bank balance, you can still become eligible to obtain residency via an upcoming offer named as Golden Visa. This kind of program is usually offered by states that were badly affected by an economic recession. Alternatively called as visa for investments, the program issue visas to foreign investors that allow them to live and visa-free travel (but not work) across the 26 EU states excluding the UK. Whereas some of the countries offering Golden Visa also allow candidates to apply for permanent placement after completing the duration of four to six year in the territory.

Summary: Whether you belong to the United Kingdom or any other territory across the world, you are eligible to enjoy residency in European states as long as you prove your eligibility.

What Comes Next After Checking Point Inspection At an Airport?

Take a big sigh of relief. After the drive to the airport, the hike from the parking garage with trailing bags, and the checking point inspection, you have earned a rest. Find your boarding gate. Enjoy the item you brought to pass the time, browse stores, take a bathroom break, eat a snack or drink an adult beverage. If you anticipate a case of midair munchies or need to eat for medical reasons, buy refreshments before you board. Few flights offer free meals now. The concourse will include at least one restaurant or snack shop plus a newsstand that sells snacks. You may take food and non-alcoholic beverages onboard.

Speaking of alcohol, while airlines do not use breathalyzers, they do notice suspicious behaviour and have the right to deny boarding to travellers who appear intoxicated. If there is the slightest chance alcohol will induce a passenger to behave in a way that causes upset or harm to other passengers or crew or to himself, boarding is denied. Gate agents do not have to perform sobriety tests. They must err on the side of safety. Inebriated passengers will be required to wait (without consuming more alcohol) until the next flight to the destination.

Regardless of the manner by which you fill the extra time, do not walk away from your bags. A good way to miss your flight is to return to the spot where you left your bag to find it confiscated by Airport Security, necessitating a visit to the Security Office to retrieve your bag and endure a lecture. If you have to go to the restroom, take your bag. If you set your bag down in a shop to flip through a magazine, do not leave it while you wander to the trail mix display.

Return to the boarding area no less than thirty minutes prior to departure. Large jets begin boarding at least a half hour before departure time. Regional flights may board twenty to twenty five minutes before boarding. Crews begin final departure preparations ten minutes prior to departure. For this reason, the doors will close to passengers and in most cases, no further boarding will occur within ten minutes of departure. Invariably, latecomers will whine, ‘but this boarding pass says the plane doesn’t leave for five minutes!’ Right. But it cannot leave if the door is hanging open and people are still putting their belongings in the overhead compartment and the flight attendant has to repeat emergency instructions for passengers straggling onboard.

While you await boarding, you will hear many announcements on the public address system, so many they will become background sound. Please pay attention to those announcements. Most likely the announcements will not concern you. However, if a gate change announcement is made for your flight and you continue to wait at the wrong gate you could miss your flight. If you are travelling with EasyJet, the most popular low cost British airline, use Easyjet contact number to get the boarding details by speaking directly to their customer care representatives.

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

The ancient town of Luang Prabang is situated in northern Laos. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1995. Many travelers consider this town as the heart of Laotian culture. Here, there are a lot of beautiful places, stunning landscapes and vast mountains. It is definitely an ideal tourist attraction for those who want to have the best relaxing time ever in Laos. Wat Xieng Thong, Kuang Si waterfalls, caves of Pak Ou, Luang Prabang, the Night Market, Phou Si Mountain… are attractive tourist destinations that travelers do not want to miss when traveling to Luang Prabang.

1. Xieng Thong Temple

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

Wat Xieng Thong is the most important temple in Luang Prabang. It is situated at the end Sakkarin. It was built in 1560 under the King Setthathirat. The main gate of the temple is located on the bank of the Mekong River. On the major holidays of the year, Xieng Thong temple becomes extremely noisy, especially at night, because there are thousands of people going to the temple to admire the golden Buddha statue. Moreover, they will have a chance to attend Buddhist ceremony which baths the statue with scented water and perfume. The temple opens for tourists to visit from 8 am to 17 pm. Moreover, visitors can take a tour around the temple campus and chat comfortably with the monks here.

2. Kuang Si waterfall

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

Kuang Si is a complex of three waterfalls. The height of the main waterfall is 60m with the water pouring down from above with white foams. This is a very dramatic scene that everyone wants to watch. As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Laos, visitors not only can visit wonderful mountains, but also have a chance to climb and swim in the beautiful waterfalls. While enjoying the fresh air of Kuang Si, visitors can hear a lovely birdsong and the sound of waterfalls. This makes a wonderful harmony and visitors must never forget this relaxing and peaceful moment.

3. The Pak Ou caves

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

Pak Ou Caves are located in the north of Luang Prabang, on the Mekong River region. Therefore, tourists can come here by road or by waterway. This cave is famous for Buddha statue sculptures. Although the sculptures have been largely damaged, the surrounding scenery is totally worth to explore.

4. Luang Prabang Night Market

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

Opening from 18 pm to 23pm daily, Luang Prabang night market stretches from the foot of Phou Si Mountain to the end of the main street of the city. Travelers should look at this place if they want to buy unique souvenirs and beautiful items. At the night market, guests can enjoy the excellent cuisine of Laos at the food stalls or buy Brocade colorful scarves, lovely umbrellas or small beautiful paper lanterns and so on. This noisy and crowded place will give you a happy and excited feeling.

5. Phou Si Mountain

It is the highest point in Luang Prabang. Phou Si Mountain is the ideal place for tourists to enjoy the entire picture of the romantic ancient capital near the Mekong River. To conquer the top of Phou Si, visitors must pass 329 red-brick stairs. Each stair has low height for tourists to climb easily. Moreover, on the way to the mountain, there are some places for them to rest and relax. Therefore, it is not difficult for visitors to climb the mountain.

6. Whisky village

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

The reason why the village is called “Whisky” because the village's famous specialty is the local whiskey and wine soaked from snakes, insects and mixed with whiskey sold in the unique shaped bottles. Because the village is located on the route to the Pak Ou caves, visitors can visit this place before visiting the famous caves.

7. The elephant park

Luang Prabang-A Must-To-Come Place

Located downtown about 15 km to the north, near the Nam Khan River, Luang Prabang Elephant Park is specialized in fostering and preserving elephants in Laos. Here visitors will come to explore and learn a lot about the life of elephants. Especially, they will have a golden opportunity to sit on an elephant back and discover the Tad Sae waterfall.

Luang Prabang is the wonderful place that visitors are highly advised to visit when coming to Laos. The beauty of waterfalls, mountains, parks and caves here makes a strong impression on travelers. That is the reason why Luang Prabang has become more and more popular. In the future, it is undeniable that the place will be the most visited destination in Laos.

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Travel to Laos in April, Attend the Water Festival

When golden shower flower (Cassia fistula) bloom around the country, it is time for Laotians to prepare for Lao New Year the largest festival in the year.

Let’s lay your camera in wardrobe and passionately immerse in joyous and bustle festival of the close neighboring country.

What does the Water Festival mean?

Water festival is one of the traditional cultural festivals of Southeast Asian countries. It is called Bunpimay by Laotian, Songkran by the Thai, Chol Chnam Thmey bu the Cambodian and Thingyan by the Burmese.

The festival is considered to bring freshness, prosperity for all things, purify the lives of people. In these days, people are splashing together to wish for good luck, pray for good weatherand a prosperous happ new year. Festivals, Bun for short, means doing good and being blessed.

Timing of the Water Festival

Bunpimay usually takes place for three days: 13rd, 14th and 15th of April annually according to Buddhist calendar.

Customs of the festival

On the first day - also the last day of the old year, people clean everywhere inside and outside the house, prepare scented water and flowers. In the afternoon, villagers gather in a pagoda for worshiping, praying, listening to the monks, wishing for health and happiness for the whole year. Then, they pick up astatue to a separated area in three days and it opensfor everyone to go bathing the Buddha. The scent water after watering the statue will be bring back home to rub on people’s body to pray for good luck.

The second day is not counted because it is the transition between the old and the new year.

The third day is also the last day with many jubilant activitieseverywhere. Before splashing, people talk to each other good wishes. To pay homage, young people splash into older people to pray for long life and prosperity. Friends splasheach other. They do not just splash on people but also on house, worship, animals and production tools. Lao people believe that water will wash away bad things, sickness and bring good new year wishes to live long and healthy. Who get wet a lot will get more happiness.

Pople also makes sand towers, decorated with flags, flowers, cloth belt and throw scented water. In these days, people set free some animals such as turtles, fishes, crabs, birds ... to get blessed.

On these days, who visits home will get a red or green tie around wrist, symbolizing happiness and health. During the three-day festival, the one who gets many ties is considered a lucky person throughout the year.

People use golden shower flower (Cassia fistula , yellow scorpion) to tie on cars and hangon their house to pray for good luck, plait the Champa flower in clusters or pin on the hair to pray for good blessing in the year.


Water Festival is held across the country, but the most fun is in Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. In Luang Prabang, where there are many temples and be a popular tourist area, the foreign guests can enjoy a clear festive atmosphere with lots of exciting games.

Suggestions to Attend to Water Festival

In Luang Prabang, there are lots ofguest houses, hotelsfrom VND 300,000 ($15) up. At the time of the festival, you should book in advance to make sure there is available room. This is a city with a long history of Laos with a lot of attractions like the sacred temples, ancient streets, Pak Ou caves, Phou Si mountains and the night market - where the traditional items or popular silver products from Laos are sold.

During these days, people like to eat Laap Laos with hot sticky rice. There's also a lot of delicacies you should try, for example dried buffalo meat, grilled chicken, grilled fish ...


If visiting aos in the new year, you should be prepared to receive the blessing by water. Lao people are very friendly; they do not do any harm to you. If you're driving or walking on the street, they will just throw water on you. Do not be angry, they do so only to wish you good health throughout life and also for themselves. 

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The Best Travel Guide to Phu Yen, Vietnam

Phu Yen is best known as the paradise of yellow flowers and green grass and the beautiful destination for holidays. Therefore if you are planning a trip to Phu Yen, then these suggestions below will make you a perfect journey.

1. Transfer

You can easily travel by air and road from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

You can refer two air firms of Jetstar and Vietjet with the price of 590.000VND (26.44 USD) for one - way. However, at some point of time, these firms offer the price of 0VND (0 USD) for visitors. 
Your flight will take about 1h40’ for travelling from Hanoi. 

2. Accommodation

The flights will get in Tuy Hoa airport in the middle of the day. Thus you should take a short rest at your hotel before starting your discovery.

The city owns the total of 5 hotels with the affordable price from 420.000VND - 1.000.000VND/night (18.82 - 44.81 USD). However their locations are not near the beach, you can also get to the beach easily. 

You can refer some hotels such as CenDuluxe and Vietstar resort (5 – star hotels), Kaya and Saigon – Phu Yen ( 4 – star), Hung Vung ( 3 – star). 

Long Beach is the only hotel located near the beach in Tuy Hoa with the price ranging from 600.000 VND (26.89 USD)/ night. Besides, there are several guesthouses, hotels with cheap price minimum from 150.000VND (6.72 USD)/ night.

3. Itinerary

Departing from Tuy Hoa, you can refer these suggestions below within three days:

Day 1:  Visit Vung Ro historic relic – Mui Dien – Dam Mon (35km from Tuy Hoa)

In the first day, you will have a great chance to hear the historical story about ships that have no – number at Vung Ro gulf and check – in at Vietnam's East Pole or swim in Mon beach. 

Day 2: Xuan Dai gulf – Mang Lang church – Ghenh Da Dia – Ganh Ong – Bai Xep.

The farthest point of this route is nearly 60 km from the city. With this route, you can feel relaxed when swimming on the beaches of Xuan Dai gulf and Bai Xep, which have the fantastic space.

Day 3: Discover further the city.

In the rest time of your stays, let’s spend time for discovering the city or swimming in the cool seawater of Tuy Hoa’s beach with the stretching sand and gentle waves. However, there are not many services on the beach.

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4. Entertainment

There are the most fascinating arts programs at nights of the Saturdays, which take place at the foot of Nhan tower at 19h30 pm with the topic about Phu Yen – the attractive destination along with different music programs. One of the interesting programs such as bai choi, ho khoan, ho ba trao, and other melodies. 

Besides, you can go to karaoke bars, clubs in Tuy Hoa, most of them still serve until 1.00 am.

5. Dining

Tuna is the famous seafood in Phu Yen, which is processed into various dishes. Some good addresses to enjoy this dish are located on Le Loi, Le Duan and Tran Hung Dao streets with the affordable price of 20.000VND (0.90 USD) / bowl of eye tuna and 100.000VND (4.48 USD)/raw fish.

Especially don’t forget to enjoy the renowned food “Banh hoi long heo” in Phu Yen. The dish is served with banh hoi, (similar to rice noodle) and internals of pig made clean and spices so it is very delicious and fragrant. You can get to Hoa Da restaurant on National Highway 1A, Tuy An province, the best place to eat at the affordable price of 40.000VND (1.79 USD).

Besides, there are some tasty sea-foods that you should try in your trip such as oysters, shrimp, etc. The spices here are diversified with some tastes of spice, sweetness, and sourness, etc depending on your demand.

6. What to Buy?

Canned sea - foods are often chosen by many people including tuna, squid, fish sauce, girdle-cake, etc and other drinks for summer here.

Top 6 Interesting Beach Camping Spots in Vietnam

Beside luxury hotels or resorts are the popular ways for overnight, tent camp will give you some new experiences during your stays. These are the best places for camping you can refer.

1. Trung Luong Picnic Area, Phu Cat

Located about 30km from Quy Nhon city, and belonging to Phu Cat district, Trung Luong picnic area is a favorite destination for many visitors thanks to the pristine beauty of the white smooth sandy beach, cliffs, and vast blue seawater.

Having a night campfire and staying overnight in the tents on the beach will make you the incredible experience. Also, you can have combined visits to Nui Ong pagoda, Thien Hung monastery, etc for more enjoyable summer vacation.

2. Co To Eco Lodge.

Located about 6km from Co To town, and featuring with thatched roofs in the impressive design and environmental friendliness style, Co To Eco Lodge is an ideal place for relaxation. Here you will have a wonderful dinner in the romantic and open space as well as a barbecue with friends and enjoy fresh seafood such as shrimp and squid. 

The price of hiring room is ranging from $25.

3. Sao Bien Ecotourism Area, Binh Lap

Some interesting wooden shacks and tents on the beach will take your first glimpse. The price is ranging from $20 -25.

Here you will have the most relaxing moments by taking some exciting games on the beach such as boating baskets, kayaking, biking, kite flying, climbing, fire camping, etc. 

Beach here is very safe for you to entertainment with clear seawater, and not too deep.

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4. Coco Beach Camp, Binh Thuan

The campsite offers different choices with tent services on your demand such as double tents, single tents or tents for the whole family.

Here you will have chance to relax while watching the peaceful scenery of the beach and enjoying fresh seafood, etc. Besides, there are many interesting activities on the beach for entertaining such as kite surfing, sailing, fishing, yoga… 

The price is affordable from $1 - $7.

5. Son My Beach, Binh Thuan

Offering with more than 20 different tents made of wooden frames, roofs and quite space of the beach with sea breeze and casuarina groves, Son My Beach would be the ideal choice for relaxing after the busy days. 

Besides, there are numerous dunes, beautiful natural lakes and stretching pristine sandy beach as well as exciting underwater games, driving terrain motor, etc for the incredible holiday.

Also, it provides the best space for night campfire in the excellent music while enjoining tasty seafood… Indeed, this would be the memorable holiday. 

6. Lu Glamping

This camping spot is located near the market and is the new place with speedy games such as diving for sightseeing coral reefs, driving UTV, playing jetski, etc. 

Besides, it offers many services with series of tents, container rooms, especially honeycomb rooms, which are preferred by many visitors.

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