Six Reasons to Visit Vietnam with the Family

Are you looking for an active family getaway that is culturally interesting but also offers ample time for relaxation and idling on a beach? Here are six reasons to pack the family up and head to Vietnam.
Cultural Diversity
There is so much to explore in Vietnam, from Halong Bay to Hanoi, Nihn Bihn, and Hoi An. You may also want to travel on towards Laos and Cambodia. Be sure to hang out with the locals and get to know the real Vietnam and their diverse and fascinating culture.

Perfect for Active Families
Vietnam family holidays are all about adventure. You can experience biking through tiny rural villages and rice fields, hiking in caves, kayaking along rivers, riding a water buffalo, and try your hand at net fishing in floating baskets.
Vietnam Is a Paradise for Foodies
Vietnam is a haven for food lovers, from the nicest hotels to simple noodle shops and fine restaurants, you’ll find something for every family member’s taste buds, whether eccentric or basic. The Vietnamese are welcoming, warm and engaging, and they embrace children, often delighting in teaching them about the country.
Hands-On Educational Experiences
If your aim is to create a family trip with a range of activities to keep a variety of ages engaged and moving, a well-thought out itinerary that is tailored to each family member’s interests is possible.  Besides all the fun physical activities, be sure to schedule visits to markets, take a cooking class or two, meet with war veterans and monks, visit a bomb shelter, tour a floating village, and take a stunning photography walk through a fish market. To diversify, make sure you experience the different types of transportation, including oxcarts, planes, and boats.
Lessons You Will Never Forget
One of the most important parts of a trip to Vietnam is likely to be how open your children’s minds will become. Vietnam is the perfect location for expanding their exposure and learning lifelong lessons like simplicity, resilience, and empathy.
Geographically Sensational
The image of lotus flowers blooming among the rice fields, the sun rising over a bay, and white sandy beaches are sure to stay with you forever.
4 Lessons You Will Learn as a Family in Vietnam
  1. Hunger – Vietnam will teach your children that hunger really exists and people will eat whatever they have to when they are starving.
  2. Empathy – with firsthand exposure to so many different things, you will learn so much about another culture and are sure to become less judgmental and more empathetic.
  3. Freedom – Vietnam teaches you that freedom should never be taken for granted, especially when it comes to education and career decisions.
  4. Simplicity – sometimes, the most beautiful things are the simplest. Kids will get to learn how few material things they really need while being lucky enough to explore one of the most sensational countries on our planet.
A family trip to Vietnam is sure to be an eye-opening, adventurous trip that no family will forget in a hurry.

Admire Rowing Performance on Inle Lake in 2 Days

Coming to Inle Lake, you will have memorable experiences such as admiring unique image of fishing villagers, and visiting some traditional villages. Especially, you will see the rowing performance on Inle Lake – a unique image that you cannot find at anywhere. They just use only one leg for catching, but they still keep the balance. 

Day 1: Discovering Inle Lake and Taking Photos

5h: Arrive in bus station or Heho Airport - gateway to Inle Lake and Kalaw region. You can go by taxi in a group of people from Heho to Nyaung Shwe town with the negotiable price: 6.500 kyat. You'll buy a ticket at the entrance of the town before visiting Inle Lake.

5h30:  Find accommodation in Nyaung Shwe town

Nyaung Shwe belongs to Shan state, located in the North of Inle Lake on the bank of Nam Chaung and Mong Li Canal. There have many services such as restaurants, hotels, and other various services that very convenient for visitors.

This town is the home of tribes such as Shan, Intha, Pa-O, Danu, Taung-yo and Kayah.  

Foreign visitors often chose hotels near the riverbank and pier (gateway to visit Inle Lake); however their price is quite expensive and you will be bothered by the noise from the motor boat. Also, you can overnight at the area 500m from the pier to save expense. The price is affordable from $20USD/ double room/a night, $25USD/ triple room /a night and served with breakfast.

At the altitude of 800 meters above the sea level, Inle Lake area has the cool climate annually; especially it is very cold in the morning. Therefore, the hotels in Inle are often equipped with ceiling fans, instead of air – conditioner.

7h: Breakfast with featured dishes of Shan.

Several managers at the hotels are very friendly. They arrange room for you to check – in early without surcharge, even they offer free breakfast.

You could choose (water noodles)- a specialty of Shan State or Western dishes such as bread with butter and strawberry jam served with a slice of watermelon and a glass of fruit juice. Drinks are available on the table so that you could use depending on your own taste.

8h: Boating on Inle Lake.

Hiring a boat is the best way for sightseeing beautiful sceneries on the Lake from early morning to late afternoon. You can find this service at hotels at Nyaung Shwe. This activity brings revenue for Nyaung Shwe and Myanmar Government.

Depending on your time travel, you could choose to hire the boat in half or full day. If you hire a motorboat from 9h – 18h, it costs about 15.000 kyat . Tourists could bargain the price. There is maximum of 5 people on a boat; near the seat is an umbrella so that visitors could use to avoid rain and sunshine.

9h: Contemplating beautiful sceneries on the Lake.

The main dock is about 3km from central Lake and tens of wooden boats on the banks of canal.
Sailing on the boat, you will see the unique image of fishing villagers in the Longyi traditional dress. Here there is only man catching with just one leg, but they still keep the balance and direct the boat in the right way. The woman is not like that, they just seat on the boat and sail by hands.

10h30: joining in the morning market at Ywama village.

After an hour passing over tributary, you will start a trip by walking through rice fields and then you will see the images of crowded people going to the market. Follow them you will get to the morning market of Ywama village.

Ywama village is one of the 17 typical villages on the Lake, which is famous for floating stilt houses and wooden power poles.

11h30: Lunch on the lake.

There are many floating restaurants on the lake; therefore you can have a great opportunity to enjoy the tasty dishes in the local style.

13h: Visiting traditional villages of lotus weavers and cigar-making.

Visiting some traditional villages known for weaving with components taken from lotus and cigar-making place, you will be surprised by the family factories using silk harvested from nearby lotus ponds.

Cigar making village sells all kinds of lacquer boxes from rectangular, square to the cylinder for holding cigarette. A small wooden box contains 20 cigarettes wrapped by herbs with the price of 3000 kyats (60.000VND). The main ingredients of the cigarette are brown sugar, honey, banana, and licorice so it features a mild and sweet taste. Tourists could bargain for a better price with a large quantity.

15h: Pay a visit to Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in Tha Lay, and see the performance of jumping cat at Nga Phe Chaung Monastery.

18h: Admiring the sunset on the lake.

At that time, Inle Lake becomes so amazing – a harmonious beauty between human (fishing villagers) and nature, which always enchants photographers.

Day 2: Strolling around Nyaung Shwe town.

7h: Breakfast at the hotel.

9h: Discovering Mingala Market.

Just by a short walk, you can get Mingala Market because of its convenient location near the Mong Li cannel.

Here, you will see the bustling atmosphere of the local market with various commodities such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, and fish. Particularly visitors will be impressed by the unique scales, which have only in Myanmar.

Scales are "created" in an extremely simple way with the equalizer hanging on the rope; on the two sides placed two aluminum discs. A disc is for putting goods, and the remaining disc is for putting some weights. However, each stand uses a different type of weight.

12h: Lunch at the Mai Li restaurant far away 300 meters from the pier.

The restaurant offers various dishes such as small fish with the price of 1.200 kyat and big fish with the double price.

Besides, the restaurant provides other delicious dishes such as beef and potato curry, sweet and sour ribs, mixed vegetables…. Also, you can find several affordable eating houses on the small streets, but their food isn’t less delicious.

18h: get to the station for the departure from Inle to Yangon. After that, you will have the flight to home. End your trip!

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A Trip to Two Neighbouring Tourist Hotspots - Jaipur And Gurgaon

The cutting edge city of Gurgaon and the mechanical and business center point of the area is effectively open from the national capital. You can stay in Delhi or Gurgaon itself for your touring in the city. If you need to further take a street trek to Jaipur, you can simply book the Gurgaon to Jaipur taxicab and proceed with your excursion.

Gurgaon has everything to win from being close to the national capital of New Delhi. Attributable to this, a visit to Gurgaon is greatly available to any individual who visits the city as it is simply thirty minutes away by a ride on the metro train. Gurgaon lies while in transit to Jaipur from Delhi by street. Upon arrival to Delhi, you will first need to book a Delhi to Gurgaon cab which will take you about an hour from the airport. Once in Gurgaon, you can begin your sightseeing tour around the city.

Gurgaon has a considerable measure of spots that will be fascinating to guests, particularly the youngsters. The youngsters on the grounds that the city is energizing, cutting edge and there are huge amounts of fun spots to home base. There is a lot of spots of interest spread over the city extending from massive shopping centers, spots to eat, bars and pubs. One of the fundamental fascination and spots to see for the youngsters is the Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, a long line of solid road loaded with eateries, bars and numerous other home base spots for the youthful souls. There is likewise a decent arrangement of spots like Kingdom of dreams and different other entertainment meccas that children will love and makes for an extraordinary family excursion together. Gurgaon serves as an awesome family occasion where the guardians can complete any of their expert work or conferences and after that later take the children out in this way prompting a win-win circumstance for all. The guardians complete their occupations and the children have an extraordinary time and you likewise have an incredible family occasion to love until the end of time.

Jaipur is additionally an extraordinary destination to visit with the family. On the off chance that your voyage through Gurgaon is over, you can simply set out toward a short street trek to Jaipur and proceed with your family get-away. It should take you about 4 hours to reach Jaipur from Gurgaon. The streets are smooth, straight and safe. Along the way, you will cross and going by different little towns and towns. As you approach towards the region of Neemrana stronghold, on the off chance that you look towards your left side, you will see a Japanese town. The whole range is possessed by the Japanese. The billboards are all composed in Japanese and the houses are all formed like you find in Japanese motion pictures. It is genuinely a wonderful sight to cruise by.

When you achieve Jaipur, you will be befuddled as to where to begin your visit from. Continuously draw an unmistakable guide and see where to go first and how to go about your visiting or else you will wind up investing a lot of energy circling in circles as Jaipur is practically similar to a residential community and streets are comparable and every road has a striking resemblance. You can rent a car for this whole trip and use it for going up and down the city and also for the sightseeing trips which will help you save a good deal of money.

Tips to Save More on Flight Bookings

Are you planning for a city break or a short trip? If yes, then below mentioned tips can be really helpful for you, especially if you are looking for tips to save money on travelling. Have a look:

  • Travel at the cheapest times: The price of flights usually varies based on the month, day and the time of travel. On weekends, the prices tend to be quite high as most of the people prefer travelling on weekends. It is better to compare and monitor the prices offered by an airline throughout the month so that you’ll be able to find the cheapest days to fly. This will definitely help you to save big while travelling.
  • Travel in low season: Travelling during off-season can also help you to find better bargains and you can save huge amount. You’ll not only find the most affordable flights, but the destination where you are going will be less crowded. Also, make sure to plan in advance.
  • Deals and discounts: These days, there are many online websites that offer the best deals and discounts on flight booking. Visit discount websites to check if there are better deals and discounts. Finding the best suitable deal will help you to save more.
  • Fly indirect: Flying indirect with connecting flights will also save you a good chunk of money. Especially, when you are not in hurry to reach somewhere, the indirect routes and connecting flights are often considered as the most affordable option.
  • Beat the baggage fees: Avoid the excess baggage charges by packing light. Make sure to carry only the essential items with you that you may need during travelling and vacation.
Apart from all the above mentioned tips, booking with low fare airlines is perhaps the best way to save a huge amount and make your vacation even better value for money. Low-fare airlines, also known as budget airlines and low-cost carriers generally offer low fare and diverse set of flight routes to choose from. EasyJet is one of the most popular British low-cost airlines that offer no frills service of economy class seats only. It operates both domestic and international scheduled services on more than 700 routes in 32 countries. EasyJet has 19 European bases and the 5 largest bases in order are London–Gatwick, Milan–Malpensa, London–Luton, Bristol and London–Stansted.

There customer-friendly team can be contacted directly through Easyjet contact number for any kind of queries or advice about online booking procedure, group bookings, changes and cancellations, travelling with children, baggage policies and more. Getting the right low-fare airline with the best route can help you to save bucks while travelling and you can have a calm and stress-free experience.  

The Dangers of Not Purchasing Travel Insurance

Most people don't consider the importance of purchasing travel insurance. When you are planning a big trip ahead of time, there are many circumstances that could cause you to cancel and having insurance will cover those situations. Purchasing travel insurance can truly put your mind at ease when you are planning a big vacation.

The Benefits of Travel Insurance
Most of us probably consider travel insurance to be a waste of our money. We don't see the benefit of spending the extra vacation money on travel insurance. If you feel this way you may be missing out on potentially important factors.
The truth is that we cannot account for all of the variables in life. Sometimes things come up that we cannot predict and we even occasionally have emergency situations that cannot be changed. When you plan for a big vacation, the last thing you want is to end up having to cancel all of those plans. If you have expensive seats and long-term hotel reservations, you can lose a lot of money on last-minute cancellations. When you obtain travel insurance you are reimbursed for those instances when you cannot make it to your plane or hotel in time.
You may be in a situation where you do not have adequate medical assistance and you need to be evacuated. When you have insurance for this you can be sure that you will be taken care of. Not everyone's medical insurance will cover the added expenses of vacation emergencies. This extra medical trip insurance will ensure your safety during your travels.
You may also be in a situation where you need fast evacuation because of a natural disaster leaving your hotel uninhabitable. When you have added trip insurance you will be covered for these expenses and will be taken care of entirely. Having your safety ensured in this way can truly help you to feel at ease when you are on vacation.
It is a surprising situation but occasionally your airline or hotel may go bankrupt. When you are insured for this sort of thing it can truly help ease your mind when it occurs. You may not have to reap the benefits of your insurance, but if one of these situations does occur you will be very glad you purchased insurance.
There are also horrible instances where your luggage is lost and you desperately need medication that is inside. When you have travel insurance you can go to them to assist you in this matter. They will help you recover your bag as quickly as possible. When you have someone backing you up it helps make these stressful situations much easier. It is hard enough as it is having struggles during your vacation but feeling like you are alone doesn't make it any easier. Having insurance helps to put your mind at ease during your travels.
What Is My Next Step?
If you are interested in travel insurance, you should definitely obtain a quote from Now Travel Insurance. Gathering the information ahead of time and researching your needs fully will help you make your final decisions. Figure out the details of your trip and the different reasons why you may want to obtain travel insurance beforehand. Once you read through all of the plans and different coverages that the insurance companies offer you can put your mind at ease. Obtaining a quote online is rather easy and worth your time before you go through with your final trip details.

You have already spent plenty of time planning for your trip, whether it is a European vacation or a honeymoon somewhere exotic. It is entirely worth looking into travel insurance before it is too late. There are so many instances where you can benefit from travel insurance no matter what your specific situation.

Sail on Clear with Great Cruise Insurance Packages

To borrow from the great Cole Porter, when it comes to clearing your head and reinvigorating yourself, “There’s No Cure Like Travel.”  There’s just something about the open sea air and brilliant blue sky meeting in such a way as to suggest an incredible infinity stretching out in front of your luxury cruise liner that’s irresistible.  For years, sea travel was either strictly business or the domain of the elite alone.  After all, it costs a lot of money to travel across the vast oceans.  Add to that the fact that those luxury suites on board don’t pay for themselves.  While cruises are still undoubtedly an elite way to travel, today there are many deals available to make this experience an option everyone can enjoy.

And, no doubt, you should enjoy your cruise.  But before you go packing for your cruise to the Caribbean or Tijuana, you’re going to want to take the time to get some quality cruise travel insurance.  Here is a guide to why you need cruise insurance, how you can go about getting the best deals on cruise insurance plans, and the deals offered to seniors and those with medical conditions which necessitate special attention.
Why Do You Need Cruise Insurance?
Halting your packing for your long-planned trip to sit down to forms and figures can be difficult and tedious.  After all, taking a cruise is supposed to be your big chance to get why from the mundanity of problems and paperwork.  True, forms and medical questionnaires aren’t exactly what comes to mind when we think of that romanticised image of life on the open sea, sunbathing on the deck of a ship, with a good book and an even better thirst-quenching cocktail.  For all that, however, the fact of the matter is that you not only need cruise insurance, but that it’s something for which you might well be thankful.  So, what is cruise insurance, why do you need it, and what’s the best way of going about the entire process?
For one thing, you will want to take care of cruise insurance first and definitely far before embark on your long-planned trip.  Cruise insurance is just what it sounds like, insurance to protect you in the event something goes wrong over the course of your cruise.  While the chances of this happening are small, you don’t want to find yourself the exception, and with no means of legal or financial protection.  What’s more, the cruise liner on which you wish to stay might well require some form of insurance.  After all, these companies want to protect themselves and their own interests from a legal and liability-based standpoint, and so they may require that the protections of quality cruise insurance be in place as a prerequisite for your boarding.
However, the most important reason to look into cruise insurance is, of course, to protect yourself.  The best cruise insurance packages can protect you against a wide range of occurrences and conditions, including being airlifted from the ship in the event you need to be hospitalised, being stranded as the result of missing your departure, issues arising from excessive cabin confinement, your cruise being interrupted, or its overall itinerary otherwise being altered, to name a few.
Finding the Best Deals on Cruise Insurance
All of this brings us to the matter of finding deals on cruise insurance packages.  How can you find the best deals?  For starters, you will want to take into consideration what kind of cruise you’re taking and if you have any special circumstances to cover on your own end.  The first matter at hand is to compare the different kinds of cruise trips offered. After you’ve chosen your cruise, you will want to see what kind of insurance they accept and, indeed, if they are affiliated with any firms which specialise in travel insurance.  If you are unsure of what kind of insurance package to get, this can provide some degree of guidance.  In addition, you’ll want to check to see if there are any protection packages which might be pertinent to this cruise in particular.  This is especially true of lengthy cruises, or those which might require specialised cruise insurance packages.
Cost-wise, one of the best things you can do is to seek out quality specialist cruise insurance comparison programmes.  After all, while you’re looking to get the best protection plan possible, you want to do so while remaining economical as well.  These means of comparison allow you to compare rate quotes and plans against one another to find the deal that’s the best fit economically and protection-wise.
Cruise Insurance for Seniors and Medical Conditions
Cruise insurance is meant to protect you, as well as the cruise liners from liability which might arise from both their own actions and those concerning yourself.  As such, if you have special circumstances on your end—such as a pre-existing medical condition—which carries the chance of requiring special assistance or attention in the course of the trip, you’ll not only want to look into cruise insurance, but specialised packages designed specially to help individuals like yourself.  This is especially true if you are a senior citizen looking to travel, or have a medical condition which might require attention over the course of the trip.  Most cruise insurance companies offer special packages for travellers aged 65 and over, as well as for those who have a variety of different pre-existing medical conditions.  These insurance companies employ insurance specialists trained to help you find the best ways to marry your wish to travel with proper care for your condition and accommodations for your age.

Travel is a fantastic way to get away from it all, but before you set out on your grand adventure, it’s well worth your time to fill out the forms necessary for cruise insurance to ensure that your cruise remains one to remember for all the right reasons.

The Hunt for an Amazing Restaurant in Thailand

Sometimes finding the best places to eat can be a real struggle. Sometimes you simply get tired of eating at the same local places that you have been going to for years. You might want to try something new but are afraid of wasting your hard-earned money on a meal you will not enjoy. Finding a good place to enjoy your meal without having to worry that it won't satisfy you can be challenging.

What to Look for
Ambiance is an important part of a good restaurant, especially when you are dining out. You want to be sure that you are comfortable and at ease with the place you are eating. If the place looks dirty or disorganised it will immediately make you uncomfortable, even if the food is good. An enjoyable ambiance is a very important part of any dining experience.
Checking the reviews is always a great way to be sure that the place you are dining at is going to be satisfactory. You will definitely not be disappointed with Kisso Sunday buffet lunch in Bangkok. Kisso Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok is one of the most highly reviewed restaurants in the area. Their chefs are artists who are always delivering amazing food that will make your mouth water. Finding places like this with excellent reviews will help ensure that your meal will be up to your standards.
It can also help you to look through the menu beforehand so that you can make an educated decision once you arrive. Getting acquainted with the restaurant’s menu will help you get an idea of what you will like without the pressure of deciding on the spot. Some people may stress about making a quick decision especially if they are eating with other people. When you look over the menu before going out to eat you can get a better idea of what you will enjoy.
It is also helpful to ask the waiters and waitresses what their favourites on the menu are. They are often very helpful and will know more about the food there than anyone else does. They can let you know which options may not be best for you once you let them know your likes and dislikes. This can be a great way to get the inside knowledge on the best foods at that restaurant.
Find What You Enjoy

It can be tough finding a new restaurant to eat at. Sometimes it is best to go with what you know but it can also be very rewarding to try something new. Whether you are new to visiting Thailand or you have lived in the location for a while, you will do best if you take notice of these quick tips provided to you. Checking out restaurants with the best reviews and high acclaim will ensure that you are eating somewhere good. Listening to other’s opinions can help you make a well-educated decision about which places might be the best options for you.