Top 5 Best Resorts in Bali

Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay

The Four Seasons resort, built on the volcanic island of Jimbaran Bay on Bali, boldly captures Bali's traditional culture. Four Seasons allows visitors to “escape” in the heart of a tropical paradise with steep beaches and cliffs. In addition, the villas are spaciously designed with their own private pool and outdoor faucets, just a few meters from the beach, enough to make guests feel comfortable.

Hanging Gardens Ubud

The resort is nestled in the valley of the Ayung River Valley, 38 luxurious villas of the Ubud Hanging Gardens offer guests a relaxed, secluded setting, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In particular, Hanging Gardens Ubud is also famous for owning one of the most impressive infinity pools in the world.

Karma Kandara Uluwatu

If you've always wished for a beautiful photo shoot at a cliff-top resort, Karma Kandara should be your top choice. Climbing along the cliffs at an altitude of 140m overlooking the sea, architectural fans will not be surprised by the design of the resort, with its well-illuminated interiors and infinity pools overlooking Indian Ocean. 

The Mulia Bali

Among the numerous high end resorts in Bali, The Mulia Bali occupies the sentiments of those who put the criteria of the pool first. The pool in Mulia is voted by many visitors as the most beautiful island in Bali, with the highlight of the pool is along the walkway and the two sides of the lake, they built many tall statues modeling the slim, simple and beautiful little girls of Indonesia.

In addition, the resort also owns the Greek-style architecture, the items of The Mulia Bali are built simulated large houses, simple cubes, white paint stand out on the blue background like in the Mediterranean.

Ametis Villa

Ametis Villa is characterized by a combination of modern amenities and traditional Balinese elements, making it a special resort. The 14 guestrooms at Ametis Villa provide all the essential amenities needed for the traveler. This luxury resort has all the facilities you expect. Facilities in addition to luxurious rooms also include classy massage services, a spa and a private beach.

Kiyomizu-dera - Kyoto's Most Beautiful Temple

Kiyomizu Dera is a place that visitors can not ignore when visiting the ancient capital of Kyoto, Japan.

As one of the ancient temples retained from the Nara period (710 - 794), Kiyomizu Dera is a large area with special architectural design and it always attracts tourists visiting Kyoto. The time of cherry blossom blooming is considered the peak season of visiting the temple when the number of guests is always crowded.

The entrance to Kiyomizu Dera, painted in red orange, stands out against the always-green sky in Japan.

Before going to the temple, visitors will wash their hands and gargle in a large stone water tank called temizuya located on the Sando Road. This action means washing yourself before entering the temple.
Kiyomizu Dera is built on a cliff, the front of the main power is on a high station made of 139 wooden posts 12 meters long, the structure of the column intersection sure.

The temple has two love stones. Legend has it that if you close your eyes and walk from this rock to the other, you will find true love. For those who have a lover, if you close your eyes think about your lover and touch the stone, love is stronger.

At the foot of the mountain is the holy Otowa Stream with three streams symbolizing longevity, success and happiness. Tourists can drink water form these streams to pray for their dream to become true.

Food Paradise - Krabi Weekend Night Market

Fresh seafood, soft drinks, cute handmade items ... will surely make visitors happy when visiting this market.

Not as majestic as Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, but the night market at night Krabi always attracts visitors by hundreds of attractive dishes at cheap prices. If you have the opportunity to come to Krabi at the weekend, you definitely should not miss this market.

Just like the Ben Thanh Night Market in Saigon, the Krabi weekend market is open on the central Krabi market. At about 17:00, the restaurants start selling on the road gradually, the night atmosphere is more and more bustling. There are also children playing ear-catching Thai musical instruments.

The market is very large, but signboards are attached everywhere, divided into separate areas such as souvenirs, food, drinks ... makes visitors easy to visit.

Going to the Krabi weekend market, you will not be able to get your eyes off a variety of interesting snack scattered throughout the market. The price is extremely affordable: 20 - 30 baht / serving.

Krabi is a coastal city where seafood is particularly fresh, delicious and cheaper than anywhere else in Thailand. Do not be afraid to buy seafood in the night market, sometimes the seafood here is even more fresh in the coastal restaurants because the market is crowded so the food counter is always sold out during the day. Some snails, prawns or grilled shrimp ... cost about 50 - 100 baht

The stalls selling super-attractive beverages, have looked and want to try many dishes such as ground watermelon, orange juice, pomegranate or Thai style cocktail in bamboo tube looks beautiful. Prices are very cheap, about 30 - 50 baht

Like many other weekend markets, Krabi market also sells many handmade souvenirs for you to buy as souvenirs or as gifts. The little things here are cheap and very cute, so you walk around but still can not take your eyes off them.

One of the most popular is the handmade fragrant soap. Pure white soap is sculpted by the craftsmen into beautiful flowers, then sprayed in a smooth brown coconut shell. You can leave in the bedroom, bathroom for fragrant or give friends is also very interesting. The price of a "soap flower" is 100 baht each.

The dish not to be missed when coming here is the famous coconut cream of Thailand. Cool coconut cream, moderate, not sweet, eaten with young coconut and added with little chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce ... will make you want to eat more andmore. However, you should not eat much because there are dozens of good food in the market waiting for  you to try.

In the middle of the market there is a separate dining area for guests. You can take a walk around the market, buy a variety of favorite food, and then choose a location in the dining area for a cup of coffee. However, because the number of guests here is always crowded, so you should appoint a placeholder and then take turns to buy food. When you come here alone, do not be afraid, let’s choose the table that only one person sitting and ask him or her if you can share the table. At the dining area there is also a small stage, anyone who wants to sing cheerfully can come up here to perform to make the atmosphere more exciting. Although it is just a night market, it is very clean thanks to the laborers who are present to collect the food boxes as soon as you have finished eating.

Don’t Miss These Destinations While Touring Vietnam

Apart from the historical evidences which would always influence an American’s travel to Vietnam, there are obviously other tourist spots which are worth mentioning. Thus, Americans nowadays are also planning trips to Vietnam and that too quite regularly in order to make it a multi-dimensional trip. Along with the trip being a wonderful way of spending their vacations amidst beautiful natural environment, this trip is also a study of history for some and for some, more importantly, it is a trip to visualize the places where their ancestors have fought. For some it was even the last war of their lives. Thus, if you are interested in beauty as well as history and culture, a Vietnam trip is inevitable in your life and the multiple dimensions definitely work as add-ons.

These are basically the things which has influences the rise in Vietnam visa applications. These days visa for Vietnam are not that hard to get as it used to be in the earlier times. So don’t believe in any myths. These days Vietnam visa is as easy as it gets. The actuality regarding this is the fact that Americans are eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival if the passport has minimum 6 months’ validity. Do there is nothing to worry about if you are planning for a trip. Once you have done so the places you cannot afford to miss are the ones that follow.

  1. Ha Long Bay: - The Bay of Descending Dragons as it is popularly called, is a 120 km coastline in Northern Vietnam. This is the best tourist destinations of Vietnam according to the tourists themselves. This comprises of several islands with dense forests and vegetation which makes this a wonderful as well as a healthy sight.
  2. Thien Mu Pagoda (Hue): - This seven stories, tallest pagoda of Vietnam is unofficially considered as the epitome of the former imperial capital of the country. This pagoda constructed centuries ago near the perfume river was a simple building to begin with. But gradually it has become the one it is now.
  3. Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi): - Not only is this sight about the natural scenic beauty which makes it a favourite leisure place among the locals, the myth attached to this place also makes it more interesting. The myth says King Le Loi was provided by the Gods with a magical sword through which he used to fight the Chinese invaders. Finally he performed Hoan Kiem (i.e. the returning of the sword) to the Golden Turtle God in this lake.
  4. Hoi An: - Popularly known as the Venice of Vietnam, this village still is an embodiment of an old Chinese town. Although it used to be an international port in the 16th century, it has been shifted from the city later on. The narrow canals cut through the parts of the city has been instrumental in making it the Venice of Vietnam.

Thus, with a host of wonderful sights with a lot of history and myths attached to them and many more still to come, this country definitely has the potential to become one of the leading travel destinations in Asia.

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10 Reasons Why Bali is the Perfect Destination

TripAdvisor has chosen Bali as the most ideal destination in 2017. This is not surprising for visitors to the beautiful island in Indonesia.

Bali’s soul: Bali is known as the island of the gods, because many ancient Hindu religious symbols are marked in the daily lives of local people. Balinese culture focuses on balance and harmony, which is reflected in the many festivals and ceremonies held regularly to express gratitude to the Hindu deities. Good culture is most evident through the friendliness and hospitality of the people. Indonesia has more than 18,000 islands, but Bali's culture makes it stand out and become a great destination.

Tropical weather: Located in the equatorial area, Bali weather is hot and humid year-round, there’re only dry season (April-September) and rainy season (October-March). At the peak of the rainy season, Bali will be rainy all day, but most of the day will only rainy for about an hour so the air can be cool and fresh. So you can go to Bali all the time.

Beaches: With the seemingly endless coastline, there are dozens of beautiful white sands in Bali for visitors to choose from. Popular areas like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak have bustling beaches, surfing and other water sports. However, there are still many pristine beaches that are truly captivating. You can look in the local fishing villages. The beach is most crowded at around 18h, when all gather to watch the sunset dazzlingly fall to Bali.

Diversity: Wherever you stay on the island, local characteristics are integrated with modern facilities. Guests can enjoy cocktails at the resort's high-end bar, but are only steps away from the local eateries serving very cheap lunch. This diversity helps Bali popular with all types of travelers, from the backpackers, families, those who need to relax or the honeymoon couple. Whatever you want, Bali can meet your needs.

Destinations: There are many historical and cultural attractions in Bali that show the rich heritage of this place. Variety and colorful festivals take place all year round. A great way to learn about local culture is to witness traditional dances or songs or take part in cooking classes. Adventure enthusiasts should go to active volcanoes, volcanic lakes, gorgeous rainforests, amazing waterfalls or boat trips on the river.

Five star hotels and luxury villas: Bali has become a popular destination for travelers seeking high quality accommodation with world-class hotels, luxury private villas and well-known clubs on the seaside. The island has about 18,000 private villas. This is the choice of many people owning luxury and secluded space, enough space for large groups of visitors or families. They usually offer private butler to take care of clients more carefully.

Restaurants, bars and clubs: Bali is not sleepy in the eyes of partygoers. Staff at the beach bar and club are always busy serving customers all day long until early in the morning. Fun points stretch from cheap bars to lavish clubs. Bali is also the destination of the world's top chefs, satisfying the taste of all visitors coming here.

Saving cost: Holidays in Bali are often considered as reasonable. The typical costs are much lower than other resort destinations, such as taxi fare or very cheap private driving. Around Bali there are a range of rental villas, all with private pools and private butler. They save money because you can rent a flat for your group or family. The quality here is comparable to a five star hotel employing private staff, but much lower cost.

Shopping: Arts and crafts are the focus of Bali culture as well as the ideal souvenir. Handmade crafts, beautiful textiles and unique decorations are widely sold in shops and markets. Hundreds of independent fashion designers create their own product line featured in Bali and set up shop at the resort to sell the collections. In addition, Bali has several large commercial centers right at the beach with famous Western brands.

The surrounding islands: Bali is just one of about 18,000 islands in Indonesia. From Bali, visitors can take a boat to the small nearby islands such as Nusa Lembongan and Gili. Or you can choose Lombok, east of the larger island of Bali, with landscape like Bali’s 30 years ago with the small village community and the charm of pristine beaches. The islands are peaceful, no transport, surrounded by transparent waters and white sandy beaches, away from modern life. In addition, visitors should dive to admire the coral reefs and the tropical ocean world.

Top 5 Unique Temples to Explore in Bali

Not only has Bali long been famous for charming beaches, majestic waterfalls, and picturesque terraced rice fields like these in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, it has also captured the attention of tourists inside and outside the region with holy temples of prominent architecture and design.

1. Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is considered as an symbol of Bali Tourism. The ancient temple captures the attention of tourists by its “rare” location on giant rock at sea surrounded by  small wave all year round. At low tide, you can walk on the rocks to to reach the temple and take “one – of – all – kind” pictures. It’s so pity that we visited Tanah Lot Temple in the morning, so we couldn’t  set food in the temple. However, we still took nice photos to show off with my friends at home. 

About 13 kilometers southwest of Tabanan city, the temple is one of the main temples belonging the temples complex worshiping the Balinese Hindu Gods in Indonesia. Being distinctly characterized by the sacredness, and unique architecture and design, Tanah Lot Temple has attracted a significant number of tourists annually.

In spite of being one of the hottest spots on tourism’s map of Indonesia, in general , and Bali Island, in particular, Tanah Lot Temple has been intertwined with the spiritual life of the Balinese, in which important ceremonies and festivals are held. If you travel the amazing island during festival season, you will definitely see groups of women in colorful clothes carrying a basket of offerings on their head or men in white dress going to the temple, or even enjoy and admire Hindu worshipping rites and rituals.

2. Uluwatu Temple

Located on the cliffs of 76 meters high above sea level heading to Java beach, 50 kilometers from Kuta town, Uluwatu Temple is named one of the most ancient temples in Bali. Moreover, temple is characterized by the unique sculpturing material, black coral rocks which promise to grasp tourist’s attention right they step onto the temple. The trail leading to the temple favors tourists with fresh and cool air. More importantly, you definitely hold panoramic views of the charming sunset on the island from the temple.

The temple features sums of money running around. Standing at the temple, I could see the white foaming waves. How adventuring! My heart beats faster when hearing wave lapping the cliffs.

Bear in mind, you have to wrap sarong if you wearing shorts. It is offered for free at the entrance. Additionally, if you want to enjoy Kecak Dance Show (a traditional Balinese Art show), you need to buy a ticket before entering the temple. The show starts at 6 p.m. There is one thing interesting that you definitely greet the panorama of the stunning sunset from your seat at the show. How amazing!

3. Goa Gajah Temple

Situated in Pedulu Village, Goa Gajah Temple, also know as Elephant Cave, is actually a collection of ancient buildings built in a steep valley near the Petanu River.

Featuring peaceful  and tranquil atmosphere, the temple was without dispute an ideal place for monks to practice meditation. Right at the entrance of Goa Gajah Temple, visitors would strongly impressed by the wide mouth of a legendary God accompanied by many exquisite stone -  carvings. It is said that the ferocity on the face of the God in front of the door will exorcize the devil and protect the followers.

4. Ulun Danu Temple

Situated on a lake surface that was once an extinct mouth of the volcano, with the height of 1,300 meters above sea level, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is also called water temple. Thanks to this ideally geological location, the temple is not only a picturesque huge water painting but it is also fresh and cool throughout the year.

This water temple is also considered as a prominent characteristic of Bali. To explore the whole beauty of the lake, tourists might travel by canoes in 20 minutes. If you want to take pictures, you could tell the driver to stop for a while. Despite the fact Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is not as majestic as Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, but its fresh and tranquil atmosphere is wonderful enough to capture the attention of tourists. On the way back to the temple, you might stop to enjoy a glass of flavored strawberry juice of a reasonable price.

5. Besakih Temple

Being known as Goddess Temple, Besakih Temple is the largest temple on Bali Island, built over 1,000 years ago on the sacred Gunung Agung mountain.

As a complex of three large temples and 20 other shrines, the temple definitely provides followers, worshippers, and tourists with sacred atmosphere, which captures their eyes right they step onto the temple. Simultaneously, Besakih temple holds big festivals of Hindu worshippers living on the island. Bear in mind, visitors have to wear Sarong to show their respect for the Abot and followers right they enter the temple.

Top 5 Best Places to Shopping in Singapore

Seizing the title of Asia's "shopping paradise", Singapore is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love to travel and go shopping at the same time. Thus, if you want to visit Singapore, you should in the period from June to August or at Christmas when big brands blowing out « up to 70$ off ».

1. ION Orchard

Spreading across an area of over 60,000 square meters, ION Orchard shopping mall displays the world's most famous premium brands, featuring distinctively designed stores. Come here, tourists definitely admire and find clothes, shoes, and handbags of famous brands such as DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade New York, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Skechers, Vans, etc.

ION Orchard promises to satisfy your needs of shopping, even when you are a big fan of vintage costumes from the 1980s or a fashionista of stylish outfits. In addition to fashion, the shopping mall offers a large area of foods and drinks that serves various dishes, from local specialties to favorite dishes in the world. 

2. Mustafa Center

Located in Little India District, Mustafa Shopping Center is bustling all day long. This 24 – hour shopping mall is very popular in Singapore because it prefers clothing items and souvenirs of reasonable prices.  

Mustafa Shopping Center is also named « bargain hunter’s paradise », so you could definitely « show » your bargaining tricks with clothing, perfumes, souvenirs, electronics, cosmetics, sweeties, food, and groceries.  Additionally, you can find various kinds of Indian costumes and accessories alike.

3. Forever 21

If you want to find a fashion brand featuring fashionable design and affordable price, you should definitely give Forever 21 a try. Most of Forever 21's products are preferred by young shoppers because it intertwines with the latest fashion trend and consumer’s tastes and preferences at the same time. In Singapore, there are four Forever 21 stores that provide a full range of fashion – related products,  from clothes to accessories with the crazy sale on GSS (Great Singapore Sale).

4. Paragon Center

Being ranked the top best shopping malls in Singapore, Paragon Center holds the collections of famous fashion brands in the world, especially sport ones, namely Nike, Adidas, ASICS, etc. Additionally, the shopping center offers a dining area in the basement and other food stalls on each floor, in which you can enjoy tasteful foods and full your stomach after hours of trolling around the mall. 

5. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is considered as a shopping paradise for young people with more than 600 retail outlets, which displays trendy and youthful clothes, eyes – catching accessories, and beauty services. Especially,  clothing is labeled art significantly affordable prices from only 10 SGD, even it is cheaper during discount seasons. Additionally, you definitely buy souvenirs, accessories, bags or watches, which are priced at less than 5 SGD.